Kaleyra’s voice solution is a very versatile solution with services sources from different operators in multiple cities, to make sure that we provide you the best possible outcome and connectivity. 


However, there are always some unforeseen and inevitable situations, due to which there may be a downtime of the voice services, temporarily.


Depending on the city or location from which the number you have selected is sourced, we have the below table to help you understand the estimated time it would take to restore services


City Tiers


Estimated time required for service restoration

Expected service uptime from operators

Tier 1

Mumbai (MH), Bangalore (KA), Delhi, Hyderabad (AP), Chennai (TN), Kolkata

8-10 Hours


Tier 2

Kerala, Haryana, Maharashtra (other cities), Jaipur (RJ), Uttar Pradesh West, Gujarat, Patna (BH), Pune (MH)

Within 24 Hours


Tier 3

 Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab

24 - 48 hours




Please note the following important points to keep in mind:

  1. The time mentioned is an estimate. We at Kaleyra will do our best to get this resolved at the earliest possible. There may, however, be situations that these timelines may exceed, which will be communicated to you, as and when it happens.
  2. Unforeseen situations and natural calamities (hurricanes, floods, pandemic-related lockdown, etc) may delay the resolution time mentioned.