The payment or credit transfer model for prepaid direct reseller customers is straightforward with Kaleyra.

You can transfer an amount to your resellers or to your customers from the total amount you have as a direct reseller, in your account.

To understand this better let’s go through the process with an example.

For this example, the direct reseller account will start with 100 SMS credits in the account and the 3 sub-accounts will have 0 (zero) balances. We will add 30 credits to each account and maintain 10 credits on the direct reseller account. 

Let’s go through the steps to do this now.

  1. Log into your direct reseller account from the Alerts Application.
  2. Find the “Reseller” option on the left-hand menu and click on it to collapse it. Click on “Manage Customers”.
  3. The below page will appear. As you can see there are 2 reseller accounts and 1 customer account. All of them have 0 (zero) credits in their accounts.
  4. To Add credits:
    1. Click on the card icon as highlighted above, under the action list of items.
    2. In the pop-up that appears, fill in the number of credits that you want to add to that account along with a note that will help you track this transaction and click on “Save”
    3. Once done the credits added will show up next to the account and will accordingly be deducted from the main account balance. So, the first account will have 30 credits, and the main account will have 70 credits.
    4. Follow the same steps to add credits to the other accounts as well.
  5. To remove credits:
    1. In case you need to remove credits from an account if you have added it by mistake or want to revoke some of the credits given to a customer or reseller, follow the below steps:
    2. Click on the card icon, under the action list of items.
    3. In the pop-up that appears, enter the number of credits you want to remove, along with a minus (-) sign before the number, and click on “Save”
  6. Once done, the credits will be revoked from the account and will display on the direct reseller account.