Kaleyra can most definitely help you set up the S3 bucket which you either already have procured by yourself or by procuring one for you, as per your needs. In case you want help getting an S3 Setup with Kaleyra’s help, do mention the same to your Kaleyra Account Manager.

Once the S3 Setup is procured, you will need to provide us the following details:

  1. Title: (Suggestion - Company name)
  2. Adapter: 
  3. Key: 
  4. Secret
  5. Bucket Name    
  6. Region    
  7. Root
  8. Data that needs to be pushed to the S3 bucket. (Campaign metadata, reports, customized reports - specifications will need to be shared, etc.)

Drop an email to support@kaleyra.com and we will set up the S3 bucket for you.

If the setup is a straightforward configuration, the set-up will take 1 day to be done.

In case there are any customizations that are required for the report or data to be pushed, this may take longer to set up, which will be analyzed post receiving your request and we will share those details with you.

All reports and details are dumped on a daily basis by 11.30 AM (IST) to the S3 location automatically. The data would be for the previous day or T-1 data.