Amazon S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service. As the name suggests, it’s a storage service within your Amazon Web Services, through a web services interface. When you have a location, the information in that location is stored in your “bucket” and you will need to have access to that bucket to dump or retrieve information from it.

This is helpful and very reliable since it’s secure, has very little set-up effort (practically no tech involvement!), easily connectable to multiple users and databases, and highly scalable storage form.

From reports to data dumps, we can push any form of data to your S3 Bucket in plain text format, via CSV zipped files for you to securely access.

The S3 storage space has to be bought by you or if required Kaleyra can have this purchased for you and bill you for the same as an added service.

Read more on how to get started configuring your S3 Setup with Kaleyra now.