WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business API

Use case

Manually send outgoing message & answer the incoming message from a single phone number

Proactively send notification at scale

Answer incoming question with automation or/and with live agents (with Bot integrations)


Few Hundreds 

Thousands to Million (depending on the messaging limit)

Setup time


5-7 days (with complete prerequisites)

Key Features

Profile, Catalog, Groups, quick replies, labels, Automated messages, QR code, Short links

No Groups,

QR code, Short links, Rich messaging (Media, documents, buttons), third party integrations (CRM, Customer service platform, Bots etc.)


Manual sending messages besides automated greeting & Away message

No Green badge

System capacity limit on messages per hour

Paid template required to initiate the message to customers out 24 hour window

Opt-in required for business initiated messages


No bulk messaging

No Promotional notification

No bulk messaging


Download from App store

Free messaging

Integrate with Authorized WhatsApp Business Solution provider