Now that you have registered for Kaleyra's services, let's get you started!

Sending a message or SMS is quite simple.

You will need to first upload your documents. These will then be checked by one of our executives and approved, which will take around 30 minutes or so.

Once your documents are approved, you can get started with the Sender ID and Template addition processes.

After you have added the Sender ID and Templates that you want to send to your customers, follow the below steps to send out a message to your customers:

  1. Log into your Kaleyra Alerts/Promotional Account
  2. Navigate to the left-hand menu and under Send SMS, find "Quick Send SMS"
  3. The page that loads will have all the details needed to be filled by you to send out a message to your customers. Fill in the details like mobile number (you can import numbers as well by clicking on "Import" on the right of the numbers input dialogue box)
  4. Select the Sender ID you would like to use for this message. Once selected, the associated templates to only that Sender ID will be available for your selection in the "Templates" dropdown.
  5. You can select the desired template and the "Template ID" and the "Message" fields will automatically populate.
  6. Alternatively, you can enter the "Template ID" and the associated message will populate in the "Message" dialogue box.
  7. Go ahead and verify the details entered and send the SMS by clicking "Send SMS Now". A dialogue box with a summary of the messages that are going to be executed will pop up, requesting your confirmation. Once confirmed, the messages will be sent out to the numbers.
  8. You can also schedule these messages to go out at a later time by selecting "Schedule SMS" and select a futuristic date and time to send out these messages.

Please remember:

  • Messages will not be sent out if there is no associated Sender ID and Template ID
  • Sender ID and Templates must be registered and approved at the DLT platform level prior to sending them out through Kaleyra's platform

Once you have sent the messages, you can check the delivery status of your messages by downloading a report. Find out how to download a report now.

If you want to know more about the different statuses that you see in the report for your messages, you can refer to the error status codes here.