Whenever a call has 2 parts to it, these are identified as Leg 1 and Leg 2, essentially depending on which call connects first.

In case a call does not connect to Leg 1, the “Failed_Leg_1” status will appear next to the call status, and the consequent Leg 2, or the second part of the call will not initiate as well in this scenario.

In some scenarios, the Leg 1 call will connect but Leg 2 will not, in which case “Failed_Leg_2” status will be displayed next to the call status.

There are several reasons why “Failed_Leg_1” or “Failed_Leg_2” status occurs. Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. Network issues (Mobile number switched off, the number is in a poor network area, or all channels are occupied with the end subscribers’ operators)

  2. Point of Interconnect (POI) issues with the bridge number operator and the end subscriber’s number

  3. PRI issue, which would be needed to be taken up with our operator partners, to resolve

If the “Failed Leg” status is appearing for just a few calls, this means that the issue is most likely to be network-related issues and should self-resolve on trying the call connect again.

In case the “Failed Leg” status is seen in many or all calls, then this may be reported to the Kaleyra Helpdesk by writing to support@kaleyra.com, and we will have this checked for you at the earliest.