Flash messages, while are an excellent way to catch the attention of your customers, are sometimes not supported by a few operators within India and some handset manufacturers as well.

Kaleyra has done extensive testing on flash messages, operator acceptance, and handset compatibility. We have found that:

  1. Airtel, as an operator, does not support the transmission of Flash messages to their end customers. This means, if you have a mobile number from Airtel, if a flash message is sent to you, then you would receive it as an SMS, not a Flash message.

  2. Apple mobile devices, with iOS versions higher than 14, do not support flash messages as well. Again, you would receive flash messages as a normal SMSs

  3. For Oppo and MI mobile devices, the option of accepting and displaying Flash messages correctly is by default not enabled on the handsets. This will need to be done by following the below steps.

    1. Access settings on the device.

  1. Navigate to “Lock Screen” option

  1. Toggle the “Wake Lock screen for notifications” to disable and exit the menu.

  1. Once this is done, flash messages will display, as intended, on Oppo and MI devices.