When vSMS is enabled and the user receives a message from a business that is registered with Google, Google translates the message that users receive into an unreadable authenticity code, on the user’s device. 

It is then compared with the unreadable authenticity codes that Google receives from the business. 

If these codes match, then Google will confirm that the message content was sent by a trustworthy business, after which the users get to see the actual message along with other details about the business such as their logo and their verified icon.

Currently, there are some limitations when it comes to enabling verified SMS:

  • vSMS is not supported on iOS devices. There has been no confirmation from Apple if vSMS may be supported in the future.
  •  vSMS only works for SMS messages and not for MMS messages.
  • Only smartphone users with Android OS version 5.0 (Lollipop) and above can activate vSMS
  • Android users have to manually enable the vSMS feature on their mobile devices to activate it