Sending an Opt-In SMS

Often businesses re consider their targeting to a precise set of audience who are interested in their products and services, familiarly called as “Subscribers”. Remarketing to subscribers is a top-notch priority to the new age businesses. Through our messaging platform, you can exclusively target the subscriber list through Opt in SMS.

Once your Opt-in Keyword and Opt-in group are created, you can send Opt-in SMS to the numbers in your group. You can access the Opt-in SMS panel by clicking on the Send SMS dropdown and choosing Opt-in SMS.

There are two ways to gather user's mobile number:

  1. Opt-in Group

  2. Opt-in keyword

Opt-in Group:  For Opt-in Group, you must provide your user’s mobile number and those numbers will be added to an Opt-in group and named related to your entity.

So that whenever you want to send an SMS to those numbers, you can send in one go without any delay. 

Opt-in Keyword: For Opt-in keyword, we will create a keyword (eg. Jabong, Flipkart etc.) related to your business entity and provide you a VMN (virtual mobile number ex.966XXXXXXX).

You can ask your users to subscribe and unsubscribe using below format.

To subscribe: keyword (e.g.: Jabong, Flipkart) SUB to VMN (966XXX)

To unsubscribe: Keyword (e.g. Jabong, Flipkart) UNSUB to VMN (966XXX)

Follow the steps below to send out Opt-in or Opt out SMS:

  1. Select an appropriate Opt-in Group from List of Opt-in Groups. 

  2. Select the Sender ID you want to use

  3. Select a Template from the dropdown of assigned templates for that Sender ID

  4. Enter a Campaign Name.

  5. Enter the Template ID or if you have selected the Template, this will automaitcally populate.

  6. Select a Favorite (optional)

  1. The message content will automatically be picked up,based on the template you have selected. You may also paste the message template by yourself.

  2. Select Normal, Flash or Unicode, based on the type of SMS you intend to send.

  3. Click Send Now to send your SMS instantly or, click Schedule this SMS if you wish to send the SMS at a time of your choice