1. Dial Pad for Click-to-Call

Users will be able to initiate click-to-call. You can enter the numbers on your keyboard or click on the numbers on the dial pad to place a call. While entering the number the 'back button' can be used for:

1. Single-click to initiate backspace

2. Double-click to clear the input field

Number validation:

1. Enter a valid 10 digit number

2. The first number cannot be 0

2. Incoming Calls 

The number of the logged in user is set to be the primary number. The user of the account can initiate Click-to-Call. Once the call is answered a pop-up window will automatically open on the screen. 

Once the call ends the call details including- name, number and bill seconds will be displayed on the user's screen for 3 seconds. 

If the call is not answered a missed call notification will be displayed on the user's screen.

In a situation when more than one incoming call is answered:

- The latest call details will be displayed.

- The hang-up details of the disconnected call will be displayed on the user's screen

3. Follow-up Logs

You can get detailed calls logs of the logged-in account. The logs can be based on:

1. Phone Number

2. Mobile Number (if available)

The number of rows of call logs displayed depends on the call log limit you select (15, 20, 25 for each mobile/phone number). Users can use Click-to-Call in the logs page with the help of the call icon. 

4. Follow-up Create

Users can schedule a follow-up call according to customers' convenience. They can easily select the date and time of the call. The user can also fill in details including the name of the caller or add notes in order to ensure that all information is for the call to take place.