1. Purpose

With Freshdesk- Voice integration, you can put a number to your helpdesk and see all your conversations with customers get converted to tickets automatically.

Furthermore, your customers can also record a complaint about call or get the status of their ticket on the fly.

  1. Features

  • Communication between you and your customers become hassle-free with our dual street number.

  • You can choose a customized welcome message and greetings to be played when customers call on the helpdesk number.

  • Whenever your customers call on that number and want to speak to an agent, the call will be connected to the Agent’s Mobile number that you enter in the configuration explained below. 

  • A Freshdesk ticket will automatically be generated for every call to your Voice number, and an SMS containing the ticket number will be sent to your customer.

  • Whenever a ticket is generated, an SMS will be sent to the Notify mobile number that you enter in the configuration explained below.  

  • Option for your customers to record a complaint overcall.

  • Your customers can check the status of their ticket overcall.

  • Customized call mapping and call flows.

  • Map your IVR to various departments/personnel.

  • Customized call logic to handle calls after business hours or on holidays.

  1. Getting Started

3.1 Initial Set-Up

  • Create an account with a freshdesk.

  • Post that we would require you to be ready with your freshdesk domain name and API key.

  • Reach Solutions Infini support to get Voice account.

3.2 Plugin Configuration

Follow the below steps to configure.

  • Login to your Voice account.

  • Click on User Plugins in the main menu and then select Freshdesk.


Figure 1: User Plugins

  • Click on Config and select Add new configuration.


Figure 2: Add new configuration 

  • Activate the plugin by checking the status option

  • Provide a unique Title to the configuration.

  • Complete your freshdesk URL by entering the Freshdesk ID.( This is the company name you entered while registering with freshdesk).

  • Enter your freshdesk API key. (Click on the profile icon in your freshdesk account and select profile settings to get your API key).

  • Enter the freshdesk agent number. You can enter a single agent’s number or multiple numbers separated by comma.

  • Enter the Notify mobile to whom an SMS acknowledgement is sent on ticket creation. You can enter a single agent’s number or multiple numbers separated by comma.


Figure 3: configuration 

  • Click on Save

  • Your configuration then lists under the freshdesk section of user plugins.


Figure 4: Edit/delete configuration

  • You can edit or delete your configuration from here.

3.3 IVR Configuration

Once you save the freshdesk plugin configuration explained above, an IVR is created in your account

To view/edit the same, follow the below procedure.

  • Click on IVR Studio in the main menu.


Figure 5: helpdesk IVR

  • Click on Edit icon under the IVR ASSIGNED TO column and assign a Voice number for your requirement.

  • Click on C:\Users\preethi.k\Desktop\screenshots\fd6.png to duplicate the IVR Flow, in case you want to create a slightly different flow assigned to a different number.

  • Click on C:\Users\preethi.k\Desktop\screenshots\fd8.png to edit the IVR title and delete the IVR flow respectively.

  • Click on C:\Users\preethi.k\Desktop\screenshots\fd7.png to track your customer’s keypress over call.


Figure 6: IVR keypress

  • Click on Edit icon under EDIT/CREATE CALL FLOW, to edit the default IVR flow created.

  1. Working

  • Customer calls on your helpdesk number.

  • He/She is greeted with a welcome message.

  • He is given an option to talk to freshdesk agent, record a complaint or get the status of his ticket.

  • When the customer chooses to talk to an agent, we dial to freshdesk agent numbers mentioned in the configuration. If no one picks up we give an option for the customer to record his complaint

  • Post the conversation, a ticket is created and an SMS is sent to the customer and to the mobile number mentioned as notify number in your configuration with the ticket number.

  • If the customer selects to record his complaint over the call in the initial menu, he is given the option to do so.

  • If the customer wishes to check his ticket status, he is prompted to enter the ticket number followed by #.

Note: The above flow is created for you by default. You can modify the flow as per your requirement.