With Zendesk plugin integration, agent and client can manage tickets raised by customers using multiple IVR options over the call. Customers can talk to an agent directly for complaints, record their complaint to get a callback and also can check the status of their raised ticket. 


  • Communication between agent(s) and customers become hassle-free with SI voice number.

  • One can choose a customized welcome message and greetings, using IVR flow, to be played when customers call on the helpdesk number.

  • Whenever customers call on helpdesk number for their complaints or troubleshooting concerns, then Zendesk ticket will be automatically generated for every complaint to specific voice number and agent. 

  • Using Zendesk plugin configuration, messages can be sent to customers also related to status of their tickets or about confirmation of their complaint along with Ticket ID. 

  • Agent can also receive SMS about any new raised ticket using Notify Mobile feature. 

  • Customers can press keys to know their ticket status or to record any new complaint. 

  • Customized call mapping and call flows.

  • Map your IVR to various departments/personnel.

  • Customized call logic to handle calls after business hours or on holidays.

Getting Started

 Initial Set Up

  • Create an account with Zendesk at https://www.zendesk.com/ via Get-started button 

  • Choose your domain name and Zendesk further share your URL to access your zendesk account

  • Contact support@solutionsinfini.com for your account at Voice.kaleyra.com and API key

  • For plugin configuration, we need following requisites:

    • Zendesk domain

    • SI Voice account

    • API key (provided by Zendesk)

    • Agent Number(s)

    • 1 Virtual Mobile Number (provided by SI)

  • Customer need to put “0” while calling any voice number if zero is not there 

 Plugin Configuration

To install and configure the Zendesk plugin onto your Voice account, you may follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your Voice account (voice.kaleyra.com)

  2. Access User Plugins using Hamburger Side Menu and then look for Zendesk plugin and click on Config button.

Figure 1 User Plugins at voice.kaleyra.com

  1. After clicking on the Config button, zendesk plugin will expand and you may select Add New Configuration.

Figure 2 Add New Configuration Screen

  1. On Add New Configuration screen, we need to enter the following requisites:

    • Status: Tick mark this option to activate this plugin 

    • Title: Enter a unique Title to the configuration.

    • Zendesk ID(mandatory): Enter the sub-domain name you entered while creating an account with Zendesk

    • Email ID (mandatory): Enter the email ID registered with Zendesk

    • API Key(mandatory): Enter the API key provided by Zendesk (See Appendix how to get API key with Zendesk) 

    • Agent Mobile: Enter the agent or agents` numbers separated by commas (on which number you want to receive calls from customers)

    • Notify Mobile: Enter the mobile number at which acknowledgement messages will be sent after ticket creation. One can enter a single agent number or multiple agents` numbers separated by commas.

  2. Now, you may enter the content with replaceable parameters (attributes) for the following fields:

    • Ticket Confirmation SMS: The message content you would want customer to receive after raising any ticket.

    • Ticket Notifier SMS: The message content you would want agent to receive just after system raised any ticket.

    • Ticket Status SMS: The message content you would want customer to receive after checking the status of any raised ticket.

      • {TicketID}, {Name} will be replaceable parameters which may change for every customer.

Figure 3 Notification SMS content

  1. After filling all the mandatory fields, you may click on the Add button. If user doesn’t want to save anything and go back then he may click Escape button on the keyboard.

  2. After clicking this button, one new configuration will be added under Zendesk plugin.

Figure 4 When configuration done after Save button

  1. Customer may edit this configuration anytime using Edit icon. Also, delete any configuration using Delete icon. New more configurations can also be added using “Add New” button. 

 IVR Configuration

  • Once you save the Zendesk plugin configuration explained above, an IVR will be created in your voice account (Voice.kaleyra.com). To view or edit the same, follow the below procedure.

  1. First, Click on IVR Studio in the main menu. Following screen will be opened.

Figure 5 IVR Studio clicked from Main Menu

  1. If you click on the Edit icon under the IVR ASSIGNED TO column, then you may assign or unassign any voice number from the list of VMN numbers as per the requirement.

  2. Click on C:\Users\preethi.k\Desktop\screenshots\fd6.png icon to duplicate the IVR Flow, in case you want to create a slightly different flow assigned to a different number.

  3. Click on C:\Users\preethi.k\Desktop\screenshots\fd8.png to edit the IVR title and delete the IVR flow respectively.

  4. Click on the Edit icon under EDIT/CREATE CALL FLOW, to edit the default IVR flow created.

  5. Click on C:\Users\preethi.k\Desktop\screenshots\fd7.png to track your customer’s key-press over call. (See below Figure).


Figure 6 IVR Keypress Tracking

Process Flow

  1. Customer calls on the given helpdesk number and he/she will be greeted with a welcome message.

  2. Customer will be given three options over the call: Talk to the agent, Record your complaint or Check the status of your ticket.

  3. If a customer opts for option 1, talk to the agent, then SI will create a bridge and connect agent number(s) mentioned in the configuration with customer number. 

    • If no agent picks up the call or disconnects the call, then IVR will prompt customers to record his/her complaint after the beep and followed by #.  

    • Just after customer disconnects the call after recording the complaint, a ticket will be generated and an SMS will be sent to the customer and agent number as well.

  4. After completing the conversation with the customer, a ticket will be raised at Zendesk. Further, agent will have an option to update the status of the ticket at Zendesk only.

    • Status can be Open or Closed or can be customized

  5. If a customer opts for option 2, record a complaint, then IVR will prompt him/her to record complaint after a beep and followed by #. After call disconnects, a ticket will be generated and an SMS will be sent to the customer and agent number as well.

  6. If a customer opts for option 3, check the ticket status, wishes to check his ticket status, he is prompted to enter the ticket number followed by #. After putting up the call, the customer will receive an SMS also related to the status of his/her raised ticket.


  1. How to get your API key from Zendesk

  2. Login into Zendesk account and click on the Admin icon in the Side Menu. 

  3. Now, click on API option under Channels section and user will be redirected to the following screen:

  1. User needs to enable the following Password & Token access via Toggle button.

  2. User needs to click on the checkbox to accept T&C and further click on the Get Started button.

  1. After clicking on Get Started and enabling access, user will see an Active API key and can further use the same. 

  2. In any case, u lost the API key, then you may retrieve a new one directly by clicking the ADD icon under API tokens