Through the follow up feature, the agent can schedule the call so that there’s no chance he can miss it. There are two ways of scheduling a call:

  1. Auto Call: Our system will trigger the call to the agent first and the customer next on the scheduled time. This avoids missing a follow up due to human errors. 

  2. Through the second way, the agent can schedule the call and not opt for ‘Auto call’ option. Through this, he can check once he logs in, the list of calls he has for the day and manually dial them.

To schedule a Follow Up call, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the main menu and choose ‘Follow Up’.

  2. Click on icon, a new pop up window appears.

  1. Enter the phone number and name of the customer or lead, or simply choose IVR from the dropdown.

  2. Tick on the ‘Auto Call to follower’ if you need the system to initiate a call. Unticking this option, will not initiate a call on the scheduled time, even if the follow up is created.

  3. Enter the date and time of the follow up call. You can add notes or description, if necessary and click ‘Save’ to schedule the follow up call.

  4. Once you schedule the call, the same reflects in the Follow up page, as shown in the image below.

The following are the set of functions, you can carry on in the ‘Follow Up’ page.

  1. To call a number, click on   icon

  2. To send an SMS to the number, click on  icon

  3. To edit a scheduled follow up call, you can click on  icon

  4. To delete the recording, click on  icon