To create an outbound call, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the main menu and choose ‘Outbound Calls’. The following page appears:

  1. Enter the Mobile Numbers, one in each line. You can also choose to send to your group contacts by ticking on the group, as shown in the image above. In case, you can’t find a number, you can search the contact name through the search column. 

  2. You can also check if the number you’re triggering an outbound call to is listed on the DND list or not, so that if it’s a promotional campaign, you can remove the DND numbers.

  3. Enter the campaign name that needs to be sent.

  4. Choose the Sound file. If the sound file isn’t available in the local folders, you can upload a new file. IVR can also be selected to trigger the calls.

  5. If the call is not answered by the customer, you can choose to trigger a retry. For this, you can specify the number of times the system can initiate retries in the ‘Max Retries’ column.

  6. You can choose to launch the Outbound campaign immediately by clicking on ‘Send Now’ or schedule it for a later point in time by choosing ‘Schedule’.

  7. To schedule a campaign, the minimum send time will be 15 minutes from now. You can also split the campaign in multiple bundles and send at multiple time intervals of minimum 15 minutes each. The minimum batch size will be greater than or equal to 1000. Once you click on “Send at Scheduled Time”, your campaign is all set for launch.

Note: Outbound Calling is an optionally enabled feature on the application.