Call Log Filters

You can filter the call logs based on the filters given below:

  1. Search by: Search by gives you filters which are listed below:

  1. Select status: Filters as per the call status of the account are listed below.

  1. System Disposition:  System disposition allows you to understand at which exact point, the call got connected and disconnected. The list is below:

  1. All hang up details: The details of hang up points listed below:

  1. Type of Calls: The call types are listed below:

  1. Other filters: Other details such as notes etc have been considered. Listed below:

  1. Agent filters: Agent filters according to the name of the agent. 

Adding a Number to Phonebook

  1. To add the number to phonebook, click on  icon. A pop up window appears. 

  2. Add the name of the contact, email id and notes (if any). 

  3. You can also add this contact to the existing group by ticking on the ‘Choose groups below’ and click Save.

Playing and Downloading the call recording

Each call is recorded for quality, training and monitoring purposes. To play and download the call recording follow the steps below:

  1. To play the recording, click on icon

  2. To download the recording, click on  icon

Calling back, messaging and following up on a call

  1. To call a number, click on   icon

  2. To send an SMS to the number, click on  icon

  3. Follow up on a call automatically by clicking on  icon

Add Notes and Track Keypress

You can add notes to create a summary of the call, so that when other resources login, they get a glimpse of the call conversation. You can also track the key press assigned to that IVR flow. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. To add notes, click on   icon

  2. To track the keypress, click on  icon

However, if you’d like to check the advanced version of ‘Call Logs’, you can check our ‘Call Reports’ feature. To view the call reports feature, click on the main menu and choose ‘Call Reports’.