Call Logs provide your business a comprehensive list of calls dialed from a particular number. Just like the Call Logs on the mobile phone, our application also tagged a set of features for Call Logs, which are listed below:

  1. You can add numbers to your phone book

  2. Add Call Notes, which act as a summary of the call

  3. View the Call flow

  4. Check the type of call; Incoming and outgoing etc.,

  5. Download the call recording

  6. Play the call recording

  7. Call the number

  8. Send an SMS to that number

  9. Set an auto to follow up for that call

  10. Track the keypress of the user

  11. Filter calls as per the application parameters 

Note: Call Logs will display the call history of the last 30 days. To avail data prior to that, You can use extract report option.

To view call logs, follow the steps below:

  1. From the main menu, click on the ‘Call Logs’ option. 

  2. Upon clicking, you will find the Summarized and Detailed Call log option.

  3. Click on summarized,the following page will open.

The following are the variables you can see in ‘Summarized Call Logs’:


Call TypeIncoming and outgoing call
Start TimeThe start time of the call
Call FromThe number dialed from
Bridge NumberThe intermediate number that connects the call
Call ToThe number dialed to
Bill SecTotal billable seconds to be charged to the Account user for the particular call as per call rates.
System dispositionThe feature that lets you understand at which point the call got connected or disconnected
StatusMultiple call status is available. to determine if the call is answered or connected to the IVR.
Hang up detailsAt which point the call got disconnected and Who disconnected the call
System DispositionThis can be defined as the last connectivity of the call either within IVR flow or connection to Leg1 or Leg 2.
For eg. In case of an incoming call, the call lands to IVR only, so System Disposition can be the last widget where the call gets disconnected or if dialed to any agents(s).
In case of an Outgoing call, either Leg1 will be connected or Leg2 first, eventually System Disposition will either be Leg1/Leg2 Connected.
 Leg1/Leg2 Disconnected is also applicable in failure cases. Henceforth, Call status will be shown accordingly.
Hangup DetailsThis can be defined as the hangup person or system who had hung up the call. In case of an Incoming call, either Caller will hangup or the Agent (if dialed to an agent). System hangup will be shown in case IVR finished and IVR hung up the call or in case of failure or other special cases (described in Call status scenarios).
Call Transferred ToIf call has been transferred to any other agent via Blind Transfer or Agent live view. If no call has been transferred, then N/A will be displayed
Bridge NumberDID Numbers allocated to your Voice account by Kaleyra. In case no agent number is applicable, then the bridge number will be shown under Call to number
Agent/Call DispositionThe final outcome of the call according to the agent.
 Agent Disposition values can be configured under Account Settings.
IVR TimeTotal time for which caller remains in IVR. For eg. the Caller listens to IVR first for pressing menus, etc (say for 20 seconds) then he will be connected to Agent(s).
Ring TimeTotal ring time which system takes to connect caller to any agent and caller being on hold. We calculate this ring time for 2nd leg only.
Bill SecondsTotal billable seconds to be charged to the Account user for the particular call as per call rates.
Credits UtilizedTotal credits calculated and deducted for a particular call as per Bill Seconds.

The parameters updated here are the values available on the UI. When we export as a report, we have additional details as below.

  1. Call-ID

  2. Call Type

  3. Call From

  4. Call From Name

  5. From Circle    

  6. Bridge Number

  7. Call Start Time

  8. Call End Time

  9. Call To

  10. Call To Ns

  11. To Circle

  12. IVR ID

  13. Call Status

  14. System Disposition 

  15. Agent Disposition 

  16. Hangup Details 

  17. Call Transferred To 

  18. Transferred To Name 

  19. Ring Time 

  20. IVR Time

  21. Bill Seconds

  22. Credits Utilized

  23. Recording

  24. Keypress

  25. Charges Details

  26. Notes

Agent disposition: Agent disposition is a feature that enables the agent to add a note to the call. This could be the call discussion, end result, query resolution or follow-up details of the call. Through this, even if different agents handle the same client, they will be aware of the call history.

To access the agent disposition, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on  icon, from the action bar.

  2. Enter the agent note you want to add. Save the details as shown in the image below.

Agent disposition, where we will select the disposition which is pre-updated. We can update the agent disposition values under admin settings- agent disposition value.

Track Keypress of the customer: You can now track the keypress of the customer by clicking on this  icon, if your IVR is configured. This option will be inactive if the keypress is not configured.

Play Recording: You can now play the recording of the call by clicking on this  icon

More features 

We have also enabled, more features in the call logs section which are listed below:

Add Follow Up: Through call follow-ups, you can add the number that needs to be followed up, or simply assign the respective IVR flow. Also, you can enable auto-call follow-up, through which the system automatically generates the call at the scheduled time. 

To create a call follow up, follow the steps below:

  1. From the call logs page, choose the more options icon from the action bar (shown in the image above).

  2. Click on ‘Add follow-up’. A pop-up appears. Enter the Name and client phone number to trigger a follow-up call. Save the details.

  1. Otherwise, if you do not want to manually save the phone number, just assign the IVR flow to trigger the call.

  1. If you want to create an ‘auto-follow up’, where the system generates the call automatically, then create an auto follow up. Add the date and time and save your selection.

  1. Send an SMS:  You can also send an SMS to the user. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. From the ‘More options’ click on ‘SMS to User’. A pop-up window appears.

  1. Enter the User's phone number and compose the SMS text. 

  2. Click on ‘Send’ to send the SMS.

You can also view the number of characters and the credits used to send the SMS, as pointed in the image above.

  1. Blacklist: You can now blacklist a phone number, right from the call logs page. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. From the ‘More options’, click on ‘Blacklist’.  A pop-up window appears. 

  2. Enter the Mobile number you want to blacklist and add a note.

  1. Click on ‘Add to Blacklist’ to block the number from calling you.

  1. Other Information: We’ve provided pin-to-pin details of server, unique id, caller id, call id, credits utilized, billing seconds and call to circle. You can view the details from ‘other options’.