Given the trends in the way customer support teams work, Call Monitoring is a must called function. Monitor not only gives the scope monitor live conversations, but also enable businesses to make the right call on the agent performance.

To Monitor the calls, follow the steps below:

  1. In case of authentication, you can enter a PIN to enable access to specific callers and safeguard call privacy. There’s also an option to let all users view the phone calls.

  1. You also get to monitor all calls, or you can choose to monitor specific calls

  2. You get better control on the call with the following functions:

  • Adjust Call Volume: To cycle the call volume level, you can press #.

  • Jump to next call: To move ahead to the next call, you can press *

  • Activate Silent Mode: Once you are in Whisper mode or Barge mode, you can press 4 to activate the silent mode, where you can listen to the customer and agent. You cannot convey any message.

  • Whisper Mode: You can whisper to the agent without the customer hearing it. To activate whisper mode, press 5

  • Barge Mode: To randomly barge into the call and guide the customer, in case your newly appointed agent is struggling to handle the customer, you can activate barge mode by pressing 6