If your business cannot respond to calls, you can let your customers to record their voice and leave a message to you. 

To use the record widget, follow the steps below:

  1. Drag the ‘Record’ widget to the IVR flow and update the IVR message that recording will start after a beep sound and to end the recording by pressing the defined key.

  2. Drag the 'Record' widget to the IVR flow

  1. In the Menu options, you can define the keys and assign functionalities to re-record voice, play recorded voice and accept the recording.

  2. In case you want to repeat the menu again, you can define the number of times the menu should be repeated (as shown in the image below)

  1. You can also set the maximum cap on the time duration of the recording to keep the message precise. 

  2. To finish the recording, you can define the key press. By default, the # key ends the recording.If # key or any other key is not punched then the message will not be recorded.

  3. In case the customer wants the copy of the recording, you can choose to send them by email. You can also compose any text (as shown in the image above).