COD Plugin

Cash on delivery plugin allows you to get the telephonic confirmation from the customer option for COD.

Plugin Configuration

  • Login to your Voice account.

  • Click on User Plugins from the main menu and then select Cash on delivery.

             Figure 1: User Plugins

  • Click on Config and it will redirect to Cash on the delivery module.

    Figure 2: Cash on delivery listing

  • Click on Add New to config COD details

    Figure 3: Config Cod Details

  • Activate the plugin by checking the status option

  • Provide a Title to the configuration.

  • Provide a unique Name to the configuration.

  • Select Sender ID for sending SMS via this sender id if this sender id not selected

Then by default Sender ID, all SMS will be sent.

  • Provide the Confirmation SMS to be sent SMS when successfully placed an order.

  • Provide the Re-process SMS to be sent SMS when reprocessing of a no response order.

  • Provide the Acceptance SMS to be sent SMS when the customer accepts the order.

  • Provide the Rejection SMS to be sent SMS when the customer rejects the order

Figure 3.1: Config Cod Details

  • Provide the Call back API to send the response when the customer is given a response.

  • Provide OBD Wait time how much time we need to wait for generating the OBD call once the Order we received.

  • OBD Time limit: Provide the time range of day for generating OBD call’s

  • Retry Count Provide retires if the call fails max 3 default 1

  • Retry Duration The gap between the each OBD Call

  • Click on Save

  • Your configuration then lists under the Cash on the delivery module.

    Figure 4: Edit/delete configuration

  • You can edit or delete your configuration from here.

  • Once you Save the COD plugin configuration explained above an IVR is created in your account

    Figure 5: COD IVR

  • New COD request: You want to make a COD request click on Develops icon for getting the API URL.

    Figure 6: COD API

  • Once you click on Develops icon it will open a popup Contain COD API URLs for new COD request/ retry COD request.

    Figure 7: COD API URLS