API Response for Successful Submission of SMS

For each successful submission of an SMS, the API would return a unique message ID (UUID) for that SMS campaign.

The Client’s Application should capture the unique message ID and fetch a Delivery Report (DLR) against that corresponding message ID. This message ID then can be used to track the status of the message and receive the delivery report against this message ID through the delivery report URL specified by the client.

Response Formats

By default, the API URL generate responses in JSON format. One can also generate responses in XML, JSON formats. All we need to do is to add "&format=xml" (for XML format).

Response Parameters

The response parameters in case of error in API are tabulated below:

ParameterDescriptionExpected Values
statusError code for your API call

Numeric Value A401,E601 etc


Error Message for your API call

String.Refer API Error codes section