Agent Live View dashboard helps you get the following details:  

  • How many calls in queue? 
  • Whether any call coming in?
  • Agent last 10 Calls History
  • The Caller Details 
  • Call type (Inbound or Outgoing)
  • Transfer live call to another agent
  • Call duration
  • End your call from Live View
  • Last 5 calls from the caller
  • To which agent(s), caller had talk to last time?
  • Add final outcome to the call (from the list of Call Disposition options)
  • Whether call is active or ended?

By default, agent will see his last 10 calls history. 


Here, agent can view following information:

  1. Calls in Queue: This will show the number of calls in queue for Voice account against the respective DID number. Agent can view how many calls in queue apart from his active call. If agent picked up any incoming call, then one call get reduced from the queue.
    Note: Call Queue should be enabled within IVR on Dial widget so as to get valid "Calls in Queue" count.  
  2. Active Call: In this section, agent will see either Incoming call along with caller number/name or Ongoing call along with caller number/name. If customer name is not saved in Phonebook, then caller number will be shown.  
  3. Upcoming Followups: In this section, agent can view his next 5 upcoming followups with his customers for the same day. If no followup is there on the same day. then "No followups" will be shown. 
  4. Calls History: Here, logged in agent will see his last 10 calls with different customers or same customers. Also, call details will be shown like Caller number/name, time, call status and agent disposition. Agent can also click on ViewMore button to view all the calls applicable for his account. After clicking on ViewMore, he will be redirected to Call Logs page. 

If call coming in, then agent live view will be like following screenshot:


Just after agent picks up the call, 1 tab will be automatically opened up next to Agent live view tab. Agent can also click on "Redirect/NewTab" icon to redirect to the respective customer tab to perform various actions. 

On customer tab, agent can view caller information and last 5 calls history from the same caller. Maximum 6 tabs can be opened on the same screen. Following items being accessible on live customer tab:

  1. In Call: This will be shown if call is active. If call has ended, then call duartion will be shown.
  2. Caller Info: Caller name and number will be shown. If caller number is not saved, then number will only be displayed.
  3. Click2Call Icon: This can be used for initiating Click2Call if current call with the same caller has been ended. 
  4. SMS to user: This can be used to send an SMS to the caller.
  5. Followup: Agent can add new followup for the same caller. 
  6. End Call: Agent can anytime end the active call. 
  7. Transfer: Agent can simply click on this icon and transfer the call to another agent. Agent can choose the dropdown list of agents to whom call to be transferred. 
  8. Agent/Call Disposition: Call Disposition can be defined as the final outcome of the call. Admin can configure such Call/Agent Disposition values under Account Settings. This functionality is applicable only from february 2018 and henceforth wil be shown under Call reports. If no Call Disposition has been set, then it would be left blank. 
  9. Notes: Agent can add notes to the same call either while call is active or not. 
  10. Caller History: Last 5 calls from the same caller will be shown here so as to track to which agent caller last talked to, what notes has been added for the last call,  what was the call disposition from the designated agent and when was the last call happened.