Yes, we provide the following features to monitor your agents` calls to ensure professional quality of customer service or customer support:

1. Call Monitoring: You (Supervisor or Admin) may silently monitor your agent`s call conversation without interrupting; No one would know that the conversation is being monitored.

2. Call Barging: You (Supervisor or Admin) may jump into the call being going on; Becomes a full 3-way conference call, where all three parties can hear each other once Barging feature is activated.

3. Call Whispering: You may (Supervisor or Admin) silently monitor your agent call and talk to your agent as well once Whispering feature is activated; Customer can only speak to the agent without hearing your discussion. 

You may also activate or switch between such modes, follow these steps:

1. Login to 

2. Go to IVR Studio --> New IVR --> Edit IVR Flow

3. Look for "Monitor" widget among the IVR widgets being displayed

4. If you can see the Monitor widget, then Monitoring features have been enabled for your account on your number. If not, then contact us for new number for Monitoring functionality at for activating such highly advanced features (Charges applicable).

5. Drag and Drop Monitor widget in your IVR flow. Click to configure.

6. Enter Authentication pin if you want to add else any caller can monitor the call

8. Now, call on your IVR number and start monitoring your agents` call conversations.

9. You may also use following key press during your monitoring process:

Note: Caller will barge in silent mode by default. Also, sometimes after barging in or jumping to next calls, the call may be blank which indicates that there is no call going on as per your selection and caller may need to wait for next call. 

Note: You need to have 1 extra IVR number to configure with Monitoring widget IVR flow. Contact our Support team to provide you 1 more number for the same. Charges applicable.