Keywords can be used to differentiate a campaign via same VMN. A keyword can be created for a specific amount of time during which it is unique to that particular campaign.

To add a new keyword, follow the steps below:

From Main menu, click on Manage Keywords to create or manage your keywords and you will be redirected to Manage keywords page where you will see all the keywords associated with your VMN account.

To create a keyword for your VMN number, follow the steps below:

  • Click on +New button to add a primary keyword. After clicking New button, user will be redirected to Add New Keyword page where one needs to enter the specific data associated with that keyword.
  • On Primary Keyword page, there will be following entries to be made by client:
  • Numbers: Drop-down list of all VMNs will be shown so as to associate this new keyword to that VMN.
  • Keyword: Need to enter the name of keyword to be entered by customers while sending message to VMN
  • Description
  • Auto Reply: If there would be any auto reply to customers after SI receive message from customer to that VMN
  • Forward to: Mobile number to which the sent SMS keyword and sender number will be forwarded.
  • Forward Email: Email ID to which the sent SMS keyword and sender number will be forwarded.
  • Keyword Validity: Validity of keyword for customer to send messages after this validity period, keyword will be expired.
  • Auto Reply on Expiry: If keyword has been expired, then any message needs to be sent to customer, then one needs to mention that message here.
  • HTTP API: API to trigger an SMS to customer
  • Trigger URL: Specified client URL shall be triggered with incoming message and sender phone number

Checkbox- Send Trigger URL Response as reply SMS- By clicking this checkbox, response received from trigger url will be sent as an SMS reply to the end user. But, if auto response is mentioned, that shall be sent as sms reply Requires an HTTP API to be mentioned.

After successfully entering the details about keyword, you may click Save button to save this keyword.