Kaleyra's SMS API can be very easily integrated into CleverTap, by following a few simple steps.

However, before you get started, you will need the following:

  1. A Kaleyra SMS account with credits in your account balance (Preferably not a testing account, since all features are not fully functional)
  2. A fully functional CleverTap account with the relevant knowledge on how to enable engagement channels on the panel.

  • In the CleverTap Dashboard, navigate to Settings and click on (SMS) Integrate your SMS.  
  • Select Generic option from the drop down .  


  • Select  the  GET   protocol for Kaleyra  SMS integration.  
  • Enter the HTTP API endpoint of Kaleyra SMS in the input field.  
  • Mark the default option to keep Kaleyra to use it default.  
  • Kaleyra SMS requires the following parameters:  
  • api_key  
  • sender
  • method
  • to (number)
  • Template ID  



The API Endpoint must contain the parameters "$$To" and "$$Body". These parameters are case-sensitive. Parameter values indicate the user's mobile number and SMS message, respectively. Once the message is delivered to the endpoint, they'll be replaced with actual values.

  • Click on the Add Provider to save the configuration.  





This should successfully configure the Kaleyra SMS integration within CleverTap.

To confirm the same, send a message to confirm.