No, there are a few pre-requisites to see the details of Google Verified Calls.

A google verified call will only show up on a mobile device with the below-mentioned pre-requisites are being met:

  1. Android devices only, with Android version Pie (9.0) or above. iOS is not supported currently.
  2. Google Phone App- You can download the Phone app with Verified Call features.
    1. Navigate to the Phone app on the Play Store.
    2. Install or upgrade the app.
    3. Make sure your Google Play Services are up to date.
  3. The Google Phone App needs to be set as the default phone dialer.
  4. The verified call feature needs to be enabled.
    1. To Navigate to the settings option, click on the vertical dots.
    2. Select the Caller ID & spam ---> Enable verified calls.
    3. Open your Android device settings and navigate to Google settings -> Data & messaging -> Device phone number.

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