Any official business that is using calling features can have their numbers registered for Verified Calls by Google.

To do this, since Kaleyra is an official business partner for Google Verified calls, we will be able to help you set this up quite easily.

All we will need from you is the following information: 

  1. Brand name
  2. Brand Contact Name
  3. Brand website
  4. Email for an employee of the brand who can represent the “Agent” and be available for verification processes and be able to represent the brand with some degree of authority.
  5. “Agent” name, as you want it to appear to users (maximum 18 characters)
  6. “Agent” Description (maximum 200 characters)
  7. “Agent” logo (500x500 px PNG or SVG with clear or white [#ffffff] background), as a publicly available URL
  8. (Optional) “Agent” logo for dark mode (500x500 px PNG or SVG with clear or dark grey [#202124ff] background), as a publicly available URL
  9. Bridge number - List of phone numbers of the “Agent”
  10. List of call reasons for the “Agent”. Call reasons must be generic, not contain any sensitive information or promotional material. (Maximum - 22 characters)


An “Agent” over here means the linked account or identifier that is created for your brand in the Google Verified Call database. These details will be stored and shared whenever a call is triggered through a number registered under your agent’s name in Google Verified Calls.

You can have multiple agents under 1 brand name, for different branches of your company. 


Your Brand name is Sugar Enterprises, which has Sugar Manufacturing Industry, Sugar Marketing and Sugar Retail, all of which have different sets of phone numbers, logos, and employees. These can be registered as 3 different agents under the same brand, Sugar Enterprises.