Sometimes, you may want to add a few more existing headers/Sender ID to an already registered template.

This can be very easily done from your operator portal, without having to create the same template again.

Follow the below steps to configure the additional sender IDs:

  1. Log into your Vodafone DLT portal with your Principle Entity credentials
  2. When the page loads, find the "Template" tab on the right side of the page and expand the menu. Click on "Content Templates" to load the page.
  3. Once the page loads, in the search option, click on the option that shows "Pending" to expand the options. Select "All" or "Approved" and click on "Search". Alternatively, you can can also search for the template with the Template ID, if you are aware of it.
  4. Once you find the template you are looking to add the additional headers to, click on the "+" symbol found to the left of the template ID. This will expand the details of the template, including option to add more headers to the template. 
  5. Click on "+Add Headers". This will open a small pop-up with the option to select from the already approved headers/ Sender IDs mapped to your account.
  6. Select the one you would like to add this to the template and click on Submit. Once you confirm on the prompted Pop-up, your Sender ID added instantly to the template.

This template can now be sent through the added Sender ID/ Header as well.