It is mandatory to link the consent templates that you have registered with the content templates.

There are 2 types of content templates that need to have consent templates mapped. These are:

  1. Promotional Messages
  2. Service Explicit Messages

To do this linking, you will first need to have a consent template that is already registered and approved. In case you don't, follow the steps in our Consent Registration Guide now.

Follow the easy steps below to link your consent template to the new content templates that you create. 

  1. Login to Tata DLT Platform using principal entity credentials
  2. Click on "Content Template" to expand the menu and then click on "Content Template Registration".
  3. When the page loads, you may opt for the template type as either "Promotional" or "Service" and then "Explicit" and in the field mentioned as "Content Template ID", please fill in the Template ID of the consent you would like to use. 



  4. Once done, click on save.

This will create a Content Template with a linked Consent Template attached to it.