UCC complaints are basically “Unsolicited Commercial Communication” complaints, better known as DND complaints, that the operators receive from end-users.

These are complaints that are raised by end-users for messages that they have received, which they believe they have not subscribed for or should not be receiving, since they have set the "preference" not to receive these.

This does NOT include :

  • Any transactional message 
  • Any message transmitted on the directions of Central Government or State Government or agencies authorized by it.

In case a customer has not registered with or have authorized a company to send them messages, the company is not allowed to send messages to them. 

In case your company, for example, does send promotional messages to a person who has not registered to receive communication by providing consent, and if this person does register a complaint with TRAI on receiving your message, then penalties will be levied by the governing bodies, which you would be liable to pay.