If you want to add just a single Entity ID to all the Sender IDs in your account, we have a solution for you!

Before we get started with the registration process on Kaleyra's Cloud Platform, we will need to do the registration on the operator's DLT platform.

Not sure on how to do this? Read more on the DLT registration process here.

An Entity ID belonging to a single company can be added to that Kaleyra Account, so any message sent with any Sender ID of that Account will have the Entity ID Details automatically picked up at the account level itself.

This makes it very easy for you, as the customer, to do this one time activity on the account as shown by the below steps:

  1. Access your Kaleyra Cloud Account and login in. You can do that either with your Google Account (SSO) or by entering your email ID and password as shown below.

  1. On the main page, find the “Billing” button on the bottom of the Navigation Panel on the left and click on it.

  1. On the page that loads, find “Preferences” on the top ribbon (as shown) and click on it.

  1. When “Preferences” loads, on the right side of the page, you would be able to see “DLT Registered Information” (as shown below). Enter the Company’s Entity ID here.

Once this is done, this Entity ID is added, it would apply to all the SenderIDs of that account.

In case you want a specific Entity ID for a single Sender ID, we can help you set that up. Read more about adding Entity ID at Sender ID level – Here.