Before we get started with the registration process on Kaleyra's Cloud Platform, we will need to do the registration on the operator's DLT platform.

Not sure on how to do this? Read more on the DLT registration process here.

Once you have registered with the operator’s portal and you have the entity ID as well as the SenderID registered, you can follow the below steps to get these details updated in your Kaleyra Cloud Account.

  1. Access your Kaleyra Cloud Account and login in. You can do that either with your Google Account (SSO) or by entering your email ID and password as shown below.

  1. Once you have signed in, select “Channels” from the Navigation Panel on the left.

  1. On the page that loads, select SMS Configuration.

  1. Select “Apply for SenderID” as shown below:

A pop-up will appear as shown below, where you will need to select the country as India and enter the SenderID that you have already registered with the DLT portal.

Not sure on how to register with the DLT portal, find out how – Here.

You will also need to enter the Entity ID while registering for a new Sender ID towards India (as highlighted below)

  1. Once submitted, our backend team will review the same and have it approved for you.

Please note:

 There is no validation that Kaleyra does for the entity ID added. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure the details added are correct, as per the DLT platform.

  1. In case the Entity ID on a SenderID that is already approved needs to be added, you can go ahead and do so, by clicking on the collapsible menu next to the Sender ID and selecting “Edit”

  1. A pop-up window will appear, where you can enter the details for the Entity ID as below: