Registration with PingConnect (Videocon) - 

  • Please select as shown below:

  • If you are an Indian/Overseas Company Select the relevant option and proceed as per below:
  • If you are using this website to register for the first time then at this point, please select “New Entity”. In you have already registered using another website already, then select “Enrol Entity”.                
  • Regardless of the option chosen, please fill in the details as shown and proceed.

  • In case of new registration, in case prompted for amount to pay, please enter 00 and proceed.
  • A pop up as shown below will still appear. Don’t worry about it. The process is free of cost. Please click okay and proceed.

  • Once all the details are updated and the form is submitted, and OTP will be first sent to verify the mobile number you have registered with. Once this is complete, you would receive an acknowledgement as below:

  • Below is a sample of the email received post completion of the registration process to the registered email ID:

Follow the link to verify the email.

  • Within 24 to 48hrs, the account will be activated.