Getting Started with 2 Way Messaging

Now with Kaleyra plug-in, you can send 2-way Messages on Zoho CRM. Send an SMS to your leads and let them message back to you to start an interaction.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Generate authentication token
  2. Adding trigger URL in GMP

Virtual Number(s) for 2 way messaging

To get a virtual number to start 2 way messaging, get in touch with

1. Generate authentication token

This authentication token enables you to generate an authentication token. The URL Format is listed below:[Username/EmailID]&PASSWORD=[Password]&DISPLAY_NAME=[ApplicationName]

  1. In the above URL replace the Username/EmailID with the username or email id associated with your Zoho CRM account
  2. Replace Password with your password of Zoho CRM
  3. Replace Application name with kaleyrasms1
  4. Enter the replaced URL in the browser to obtain an Authentication Token

Zoho Help Documentation

If you need further help on Authentication Token, read the Zoho Documentation

2. Adding trigger URL in Global Account

  1. Log in to your Kaleyra Global Account
  2. In the Side Navigation Menu Select Inbox
  3. Click On Keywords
  4. Select the keyword you wish to associate with Zoho CRM
    Note: The Shortcode/Longcode keyword should be approved from GMP platform.
  5. Under Actions select the 3 dots to edit keyword details
  6. Add the URL given below in the Trigger Url{from}&data={message}

  1. Replace AUTHTOKEN with the authentication token that you generated.