How do I sign up for your services?

To sign up with us, click here. Give us your name, email & phone number. Fill up the KYC form, upload the documents and you're successfully onboarded. To know more about onboarding process, read this.

Once I sign up, what should I do?

Once signing up, create a Sender ID for your SMS account. To know more, read this

Can I send an SMS after creating Sender ID?

If you've added credits to your SMS account and created a sender ID, you can send SMS. You can also create Template for your SMS account. To know more, read this.

Can I make a phone call after KYC?

Once you have added credits and your Voice account is assigned with a number, you are free to explore and make calls.

I have trouble signing up. What should I do?

Our signing up process is very simple and self explanatory. You can read in detail process of client onboarding process in this article. However, if you are facing any trouble signing up, write to us at and we'll help in on boarding you.