Call Logs has been introduced on our Voice platform to help you analyse the call outcome in detail. It is well capable of answering the following set of queries:

  • What happened to my call or is it success/fail?
  • Who hung up the call, my agent or the customer?
  • Which Agent was connected to the customer?
  • How much the Bill Seconds Account user is being charged for?
  • Did my agent transferred the call?
  • From which circle call came in?
  • To which circle agent initiating the calls?
  • What would be the Call status if IVR not only answered the call?

Note: This Call reports will include Incoming Calls data, Click-to-Calls data and Forwarding calls data only. You can only view last 7 days Calls data. 

To view your account and agent(s) Call Reports, go to Main Menu > Call Logs. If you cannot see Call Logs menu, then type the URL:

Some new terms which we have introduced within our new Call Logs: 

  • System Disposition: This can be defined as the last connectivity of the call either within IVR flow or connection to Leg1 or Leg2.
    For eg. In case of Incoming call, call lands to IVR only, so System Disposition can be the last widget where call gets disconnected or if dialled to any agents(s).
    In case of  Outgoing call, either Leg1 will be connected or Leg2 first, eventually System Disposition will either be Leg1/Leg2 Connected. Leg1/Leg2 Disconnected is also applicable in failure cases. . Henceforth, Call status will be shown accordingly.

  • Hangup Details: This can be defined as the hangup person or system who had hung up the call. In case of Incoming call, either Caller will hangup or Agent (if dialed to agent). System hangup will be shown in case IVR finished and IVR hung up the call or in case of failure or other special cases (described in Call status scenarios).

  • Call Transferred To: If call has been transferred to any other agent via Blind Transfer or Agent live view. If no call has been transferred, then N/A will be displayed.

  • Bridge Number: DID Numbers allocated to your Voice account by Solutions Infini. In case no agent number is applicable, then Bridge Number will be shown under Call To number.

  • Agent/Call Disposition:The final outcome of the call according to the agent. Agent can log this Call Disposition either while finishing the call (on Agent Live view) or via Call Reports on the panel. Agent Disposition values can be configured under Account Settings. This functionality is applicable only from february 2018 and henceforth will be shown under Call reports.

  • IVR Time: Total time for which caller remains in IVR. For eg. Caller listens to IVR first for pressing menus, etc (say for 20seconds) then he will be connected to Agent(s).

  • Ring Time: Total ring time which system takes to connect caller to any agent and caller being on hold. We calculate this ring time for C2C 2nd leg only.

  • Bill Seconds: Total billable seconds to be charged to the Account user for particular call as per call rates.

  • Credits Utilized: Total credits calculated and deducted for a particular call as per Bill Seconds.

Note: IVR flow should be complete. To get the valid System Disposition values & hangup details, put Hangup widget while closing the levels of IVR.

To know more about Call logs, read our Voice documentation