Call status enables you to understand the status of the call and the legs involved in it. With call status you can understand where the call is connected to and who picked it. You will also know who disconnected the call, leg 1 or leg 2.

The following are the call statuses with their descriptions:

Call StatusDescription
IVRIncoming Call Status when call could not land to IVR flow and call got disconnected before IVR could answer.
IVR-ANSWERIncoming Call Status. When IVR answered the call and caller listens the IVR. EIther full IVR flow or in between call gets disconnected as per IVR flow or due to other reasons.
MISWIGFor missed call. If miss call IVR flow has been configured using Miss call widget.
ANSWERIncoming call status: Agent has answered the call and connected to the caller.
Outgoing call status: Leg1 and Leg2 both answered and gets connected.
NOANSWERIncoming call status: This status is applicable in case Agent did not answer the call and if agent disconnected the call(rare case).
BUSYIncoming call status: Agent disconnected the call or busy on another call.
FAILEDIncoming call status: Agent number not reachable, switched off, no route or other operator failures observed.
CANCELIncoming call status: Caller disconnected the call before Agent could answer
Outgoing Call status: Leg1 disconnected before Leg2 could answer the call.
BLOCKEDIncoming call status: Call Is rejected as the number is blacklisted at the application.
MAX-USEIncoming call status. Call is rejected as the lines exceeds the ones allocated.
DNDOutgoing call status: If callee number is registered under DND registry.
OFF-HOURIncoming call status related to calls landed on platform during non working hours i.e holiday or after office hours.
NOTALLOWEDSubscriber country or network is not allowed to dial from given channel. Available only with international dialing capabilities.
NOANSWER_LEG2 Outgoing Call status. If Leg1 answered the call but Leg2 did not answer the call.
Outgoing Call status. When Leg1 only not answered the call
Outgoing Call status. When Leg1 number failed to connect
FAILED_LEG2Outgoing Call status. When Leg1 is connected but Leg2 number failed to connect
BUSY_LEG1Outgoing Call status. When Leg1 number is busy or Leg1 disconnected the call
BUSY_LEG2Outgoing Call status. If Leg1 is connected but Leg2 disconnected the call or Leg2 number is busy